N9 Series

N9E Enterprise

N9E Enterprise Edition is the full version of N9 series software, has all the functions of N9. N9 is the high-end product SS-EAM new design. Set the core needs of thousands of cases of EAM users, optimize the management process, business functions, user is convenient and flexible, support integration and data acquisition system of large and medium-sized enterprises, is the preferred version. Business functions cover the project and prophase management, asset management, inspection and maintenance, fault and repair management, materials and spare parts management, operation and energy management, contract management, analysis report, human resource and performance management.


N9S Standard

N9S Standard Edition is a common version of N9 series software, most has the function of N9. Business functions include project, asset management, materials and spare parts, maintenance and repair management, fault management, analyze report and warning function, compared with the enterprise edition, mainly is the depth of application of lack of energy management, contract management, automatic data collection, two development platform and module. N9S and N9E belong to the same N9 kernel, framework.


N9P Popular

N9P version of the popular N9 series software abbreviated version, with some functions N9. Business functions include asset management, fault management, maintenance and repair management, reporting and analysis of early warning function, compared with the enterprise edition, is mainly the application without pre management, materials and spare parts, energy management, contract management, data acquisition, two development platform and some module. N9P and N9E belong to N9S, N9 kernel, frame of same.