Company introduction

Zhengzhou Yunguang software development limited liability company is China's well-known EAM software vendors. Registered in Zhengzhou, registered capital of 11 million. The company is committed to enterprise production, equipment operation and maintenance of information technology, business covers consulting, training, solutions and implementation services. At present, the company has a project implementation service center in all parts of the country, which can handle business consulting, demand research, data collection, two development, training and so on. Nearly 1000 enterprises in the country use our software products, the industry throughout the energy, chemicals, metallurgy, food, minerals, transportation, military, property and so on. Enterprise informatization product is the development direction of company strategy.

The company is divided into three core functions: consulting, evaluation, project implementation and product development. The company has a cloud server in Telecom, China Unicom, and provides SAAS services for small and medium customers. After years of efforts, cloud optical software has now formed a J2EE based software development platform, and to modern networking technology, industrial automation technology as the support of data acquisition, monitoring and monitoring platform. The two platform provides customers with the most practical assets management and maintenance experience.

Cloud optical software products are all service-oriented (SOA) architecture design, components of the stitching can make the product more robust and scalable, providing users with more choices. Sunshine general equipment management system (SS-EAM) is a strong product in the EAM field of cloud optical company, and the latest product line is N9 series. N9 is a lifecycle solution for device assets, supporting multi system integration and data acquisition. N9 provides an overall package of different industries, different growth stages, different investment expectations and different application scales. Its business function covers the whole life cycle management of equipment, procurement, acceptance, transfer, use, spare parts, point inspection, operation, maintenance, verification, energy and scrap. The system has built-in reporting system, which can output all kinds of KPI statistical reports. The system is mainly around the three goals of business functions, one is to improve the utilization rate of equipment, reduce the equipment maintenance cost is two, three is the auxiliary production scheduling, so as to improve the economic efficiency of enterprises and the market competitiveness of enterprises.

Since May 2015, with the State Council "China manufacturing 2025" release, the cloud optical company in networking, data acquisition, mobile applications continue to force, increase research and development efforts, the company's products to further integration, released the SS-EAM version of N92, and gradually released based on the mining system, the number of N9I networking applications of N9M mobile phone system mobile applications and N9O based online monitoring system. The past two years a large EAM project: Inner Mongolia Junzheng energy chemical Limited by Share Ltd, Inner Mongolia Boda Chemical Co. Ltd., Henan field source Chemical Co. Ltd., Xinjiang Lop Nor SDIC potash Co Ltd, Chongqing TieMa group, Foxconn (Chengdu) etc..